About Matsyajeebi Credit Card

Matsya Jeebi Credit Card (MJCC) is a credit delivery mechanism aimed at enabling fish farmers to have an access to institutional Short-Term Credit support for their requirement of working capital.

The scheme aims to reduce dependence of farmer on the informal banking sector for credit. It is also targeted for self-reliance, employment generation and income generation along with production enhancement.

Features of the Matsya Jeebi Credit Card (MJCC)

  1. All fish farmers, including small and marginal farmers, are eligible for the MatsyaJeebi Credit Card.
  2. Fisher folk engaged in dry fish processing, and other allied fish business (like door to door fish vending, pickles, papad maker from fish/shrimp, ornament maker from fish scales etc.) are entitled to receive this benefit.
  3. It allows cash credit at a subsidised rate of interest to farmers
  4. The credit limit varies from scheme to scheme but does not generally exceed Rs 3.00 lakh
  5. It offers flexible repayment schedule after the harvest season and enables rescheduling of payments in case of a bad crop season.
  6. Any number of withdrawals can be made, within the credit limit.
  7. Repayment- only after harvest and marketing.
  8. No collateral is required for loan up to Rs 1.6 lakh
  9. Interest subvention is available for timely repayment of loan.


    (A) Inland Fisheries & Aquaculture-
    Fishers, Fish farmers (individual & groups/partners/share croppers/lease holder farmers), Self Help Group, Joint Liability Groups & Women Groups, are eligible. .
    (B) Marine Fisheries –
    i. owner of registered fishing vessels / boats.
    ii. posses necessary license / permission from competent authority for fishing in estuary and in sea, fish farming / pisciculture activities in estuaries and in open seas.

    Department of Fisheries has developed this portal for inviting online application of Matsya Jeebi Credit Card (MJCC). This portal will also help for online processing and monitoring of applications

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